Enhance your Strategy to capture the new Traveller. Adopt an Efficient Digital Platform

The consumers have changed the way they choose a vacation, the way they buy, the way they travel, the way they pay.

You need to design your product faster, launch on the market in smarter way, activate many channels simultaneously.
You need to expedite the way you acquire information from your suppliers and partners and present error-free proposal to your customers.
You need to sell the right products, at the right prices across any channel.
You need the toll to deliver deliver better value in a way that is faster and more efficient for your business.


Advanced Solution for small and mid-size company

TripMade© helps small and mid sized tour operators to design an efficient platform, design a perfect work flow and easily manage the processes.

All-in-One Platform

TripMade© offers the comfort of a unique platform to manage from A to Z your business.

  • Accept real-time bookings on your website, by phone or in person
  • Connect with your suppliers
  • Design your product and make it available along multiple channels
  • Prepare your proposals and manage your trips
  • Track your financial flows
  • Generate commission sheets and plan the payments

Increase Bookings & Engage Customers

Make your operations smoother, intuitive and faster. Your staff will love it. And your customers will come back.

  • Have your website populated with your products in real-time
  • Attract and impress customers with an easy-to-use booking experience
  • Manage your leads
  • Prepare outstanding documents and itineraries

Customise. Quick Setup.
Zero Financial Stress

Do not worry about setup time or huge investment.

  • High possibility of customisation
  • Go Month-to-Month. No long engagement.
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Bookings

Easy to get started, Four Step Process


01 Access Your DashboardAccess Your Dashboard

Intuitive Setup for Staff, Vendors, Agents, Products, Mark-Ups, Commissions, Templates for orders and confirmation.

02 Connect With Vendors

Upload your rates or connect with Your Vendors through API, XML or Channel Managers

03 Build your website

"Plug and Play" online booking. Start to receive booking immediately

04 Confirm to the customers

Confirm booking to your customers. Accept payments online and offline. Analyse financial flows.

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