Why TripMade©

Nowaday you can find plenty of point solutions that help to travel companies to manage their business. Why another one?

The Digital Model is offering great opportunities for all travel company, whether large or small, to improve their business and rethink their process in new and more cost-effective ways.

More than ever, Travel Companies have to face the technological challenges and handle the organizational impacts, applying the principles of collaborative working and sharing resources.

TripMade© has been designed around your needs.
Very often in a single company the information sits in many different areas that are not integrated.
TripMade© is built to manage the information in a way that allows the Travel Companies to be focused on their core business and not waste time with data management.

Many Steps, One Flow
TripMade© is a booking platform that finally harmonize and get over the gaps in defining costs, quoting, booking and presenting a proposal.
All the phases of the operation process are easy and in one platform

Customer Centric
TripMade© is a platform for leisure travel that places your customer at the centre of everything.


TripMade© offers scalable solutions for small and mid-sized company.

Do not immobilize too much money, do not buy, just rent it.